Fire walk with me patternish for the experienced sock knitters

People in oh so lovely Twin peaks addicts group in Ravelry had discussed about these socks and when i read that automatical translation of my original Finnish scribble I laughed so hard that my ears popped. So, here is that funny translation translated as well as I can in Real English.

I hope this makes more sense. (my english isn't that great, and I'm lousy at writing any knitting patterns in any language, so this might even be more confusing than the translated one)

Actually this wasn't pattern at all at first. I just made some scribbles to my notebook so I could get that another sock look like the first one, and after having them both done I thought I could share that scribbling with other knitters. Following this "pattern" requires some experience of knitting socks toe-up.

Yarn: Idena robust, 1 ½ skeins
Needles: 2mm dpns ( I had four 2mm and one 2½, since I didn't find my fifth 2mm dpn. It's not recommended but works if you have no choice.)

Casting on for these socks is pretty much as Magic cast-on in Knitty. I think this is much more simpler way to start a toe than the one with short rows, but of course you can choose whatever you like best.

This is how I did it:
CO 20 (or 10, depends on how you see it) stitches to two dpns (as in Knitty tutorial). Then knit first round and add two more needles to the knitting (5 sts in every needle). After that you can begin to increase. Increase four stitches every other row: add one after first stitch on the first needle, before last stitch on the second needle and do same on the other side. Then knit next row. Do this until you have 48 stitches (= 12sts/needle). If this feels small when tried on your toes, keep on increasing until it fits. If it feels too large, knit backwards until it fits. Keep in mind that number of stitches
must be divisible by four.

Stitch pattern:
Rnd 1: K1, * yo, K2, slip yo over 2 knitted sts, K2*
Rnd 2: K
Rnd 3: K1 * K2, yo, K2, slip yo over 2 knitted sts*
Rnd 4: K

I stronly recommend to use your own feet (or the feet of the recipient) as measurement. Try it on as you go. In my socks there are 13 repeats of the pattern before heel. You should do as many repeats as you need.

Heel is made by using short rows. In this version shown there are 10 sts "wrapped" in both sides. You can find this short row heel technique for example from cosmicpluto, or you can use whatever heel you find most comfortable. I think that this heel fits best to my feet, you really should do that heel you think fits best.

In the cuff I made few purled sts to the sides to get the sock fit better ( P first st on the first needle, last on the second needle, first on the third needle and last on the fourth needle). Increase 2 knit stitches next to purled ones after 5 repeats of the pattern, after 7 repeats increase 2 more. You have 16 sts on every needle. Continue with these. In total there will be 32 repeats of the pattern in these socks (19 in the cuff). This is perfect in my feet. As I think I said before, you should try this on as you knit, so you can make modifications that fits your (or recipient's) feet.

Finish the cuff with K1 (twisted if you like), P1 rib, repeat 10 rnds. I have noticed that it is quite difficult to get the bind off flexible enough. There are some tutorials out there that shows more flexible bindoffs, even with a needle (how complicated), I did solve this problem other way. Take LARGE (really, damn large, I used 5½ mm) needle to bind off, and bind off loosely. This rib won't slack, and edge isn't tight either. It might look droopy while binding off, but will settle when you use it.

If you really want to make these socks from this somewhat pattern, and have problems, leave comment and I can try to help.

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